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I am trying to find a Health/Fitness Tracker and am considering the Tom Tom Spark Cardio + Music. My problem is that I do not have Internet access for months at a time due to my work locations. I am concerned that I won't have the ability to transfer the Sparks heath data to my laptop. Also, I am a Windows Phone user, so most tracker apps will not work for me. (No, I do not want to change phones. Been there - Done that...)
Is there a way to transfer cardio data and music from the Spark Cardio + Music to and from my Windows 10 laptop, without having Internet access?

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    You are out of luck on both counts. There is no way to get data off the watch without an internet connection (part of the syncing process involves contacting the TT servers to validate the GPS data) and there is not and will not be a Windows phone app. You aare going to have to look at other brands, although as far as I know none of them have Windows apps and all require Internet to connect via PC.

    I imagine this is not what you were hoping to hear but let me know if this answered your question. If it did, please mark it as a solution so other can look for it if they have the same question.
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    Thank you for your quick answer! You're correct.... It is not what I was hoping to hear... LOL
    I also know that TomTom's design decisions are most likely not made or changed by the members of this forum and please understand that the following is NOT directed at you. Your response and the dissemination of your valuable information is very much appreciated!

    As an old retired Engineer, I find it amazing that all of the manufacturers have gone in the Internet interface direction. It is my opinion that this solitary interface method does not make good engineering sense. I do totally understand that website software updates are much easier to install. However, they build a USB interface device and then, no way to directly interface the data. The USB cable already carries the data from the health monitor to the laptop and that data is processed by the laptop to interface with the website, however cannot be saved to the laptop. A $10 USB memory stick has the hardware/software to interface with the Windows operating system, but all $200 health monitors cannot be accessed by the World's most commonly used operating system... As far as the GPS needing to interface with the Internet, my handheld GPS that I use for hunting, hiking and geocaching, works fine without an internet connection and also interfaces to my laptop. The GPS on my drone doesn’t need to access the Internet.
    All I ask is a way to retrieve health information from the monitor and then create CSV files from the health monitor's data without an Internet connection. No bells & whistles, just a plain data converter. I can make all the graphs and charts I need. Maybe some industrious software engineer will figure it out one day.
    Unfortunately, I have looked at pretty much all health monitors and all that I have found also require an Internet connection. As for now, I guess I will not own a health monitor. :(

    Thanks again,
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