is anybody else getting crazy routing in the UK?

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When I bought the programme last year the routing was perfect. Then an upgrade happened a few months ago, I don't know when. All I know is that last summer the routes were perfect, and this summer the routes are crazy.

Examples -

It will route me through the centre of a town, ignoring the fact that there is a by-pass.

It will route me through a tiny residential street, from the same main road, just to save a few meters.

It will constantly try to route me through small residential streets to save 1 minute of traffic delay - even when I switch this feature off.

It will choose crazy roads on minor roads across country. All I want to follow is the "normal" road, signposted by the government, between 2 towns or cities.

I can no longer trust the device.

Let me say again - it was fine last year!


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    Here is a good example.

    The correct signposted route from south to north through this town is Clun Bridge, Bridge St, High St, Enfield St.

    TomTom takes me up Buffalo Lane, which is a narrow residential street.

    This happens many times - quite often when there are signs that say "Through Traffic" - the correct way.
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    Another example. last week it tried to take me down this road - Rollins Lane

    map ref -,-2.0547425,17z

    Look at the photo!! Clearly marked as "residents only" and a very narrow track. This was to save about 2 minutes of traffic delay.

    I stopped the car and tried to turn off traffic and re-calculate the route. No chance. For the next few minutes it tried to make me turn around 3 times and go back to Rollins Lane. I could do nothing except ignore it.
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    It seems impossible to switch off traffic info re-routing.

    It is obsessed with finding a faster route - even if this means using a helicopter or driving through peoples gardens.

    The route planning options are crazy.

    Fastest route = taking tiny roads just to save a few meters. It takes 4 times longer to navigate the small roads than to stay on the big road with a small delay.

    Shortest route = same as fastest route.

    Eco route = meaningless - no logic. An eco route should keep you on big roads where you can keep a constant speed and save fuel. I can see no logic in the routes it chooses.

    Winding route = I don't use this

    Avoid motorways = this is probably the only option that works in a logical manner.

    Ask me so I can choose - does not work every time.
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    Tech info

    version 1.16.1 (2077)

    map UK 990.8307
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    Shortest route = same as fastest route.
    Those should not be the same, and from your descriptions it sounds like you are stuck on the Shortest Route calculation.

    As a test, after a route has been planned, go back to Menu / Current Route and click on Find Alternative. If you are set to Shortest Route the alternatives will be compared in terms of their differences in journey lengths and if the Fastest Route option is currently selected then the alternatives would be compared in terms of their journey times.
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    OK you got me on this! I rescind that comment on the basis that it was an impression rather than a proven fact.

    However I still stand by my basic message about the crazy routing in general.
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    Settings (cog)
    Route planning
    Always plan this type of route

    What do you have set?
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    I complained about the routing, which affected both my Go 5200 WiFi and Go Android. Obvious routes were being missed, with strange longer and slower detours needlessly avoiding a number of roads (especially minor ones).

    The recent software version 17.200 fixed it back to something resembling the old routing on the Go 5200. I've not checked whether the Android app's been fixed yet but hopefully the same fix will be filtering through shortly.

    This isn't quite the same routing problem as Riki66's Italian example though. There have definitely been some changes though and the ones I noticed were not for the better.

    Edit: I find the 'correct' routing to be broadly the same as on . Sometime since Easter they messed with it, giving routes that are sometimes significantly different. Are your preferred routes generally shown via the link or is something else the problem?
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    I have been having a similar issue. My TT 520 is set to fastest route but when calculating the route it defaults to ECO every time. On every route I then have to go into the current route and change the route type to fastest. Yes this sends me down country lanes sometimes but on recent holiday to Cornwall a planned route of 1hr 20 mins changed to 45 mins when I changed to fastest.:?
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    I still use TomTom while driving known routes, but if I need to navigate I only trust Google Maps.
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    I agree that this is still a problem in 1.17.1 and has been annoying me since at least 2016. The main case I have experienced is short-cutting along minor residential roads, sometimes very small, when the easy route is to follow the main road you are on with minimal delay. As I have a navigation system in my car I use this as a map display and can then see when TomTom is doing this and ignore it.
    It would be useful to be able to set one's own threshold calculated time saving before selecting such a route and also for traffic avoidance. It would also be useful to know what the app uses as this threshold.