Syncing Historical Data from Spark 3

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I've been using my TomTom Spark 3 watch for a few months, syncing workouts directly via the Android app. I've only connected it to PC to allow me to add music to the watch. What I didn't realise from this method was that I would be losing the ability to back-up my workouts in .fit .gpx etc. formats. This seems like a massive oversight to me.

Anyway, I have not been syncing my data to other apps but would like to do so. I've synced my mysports account to Strava, Runkeeper et al but what I really want to do is sync the activities I have already completed (those that appear in mysports). All I am getting right now is any activity showing in third party apps that has occurred since I have synced them.

Is there any way to do this?

Thanks in advance.


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    You can upload old activities following the steps below:

    1. Exit MySports Connect on your computer (you must use a computer to reupload – right click on the tray icon and select Exit).
    2. Locate the ttbin files. In Android, the ttbin files are stored on the internal SD in (/sdcard/TomTom_MySports/[serial number of watch]/workouts/uploaded/). Copy them to your computer.
    3. Place the ttbin files in C:\Users\[user name]\TomTom MySports\[serial number]
    4. Restart MySports Connect and connect your watch
    5. Go the Settings page (click the gear icon on the top right) and press the 'Try again' button to re-upload the files.

    You can also always just download a fit file from MySports and then manually import it into the site of your choice. Most allow for manual importing.

    Go forward, if you want the data files on your computer you need to have them set up in MySports and sync by computer (if you sync be phone there is no way to get the files onto your computer). You can sync by app but will need to download the data files for each activity from MySports by going into the activity and clicking Share and selecting the file type under Download.

    I hope this helped answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.
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    Thanks for that - I did see this workaround elsewhere but it is unbelievably backwards! What I have discovered is that you can actually just download your workouts individually via the web interface in any format that you wish. I can then bulk upload them into Strava et al.

    Thanks again!