Golfer 2 yardage incorrect

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I've been to about three different courses with my golfer 2 and it appears that yardage is consistently off by about 10 yards.

I haven't messed with any of the settings.

Is there a way to check it?


  • JariB
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    10 yards sounds like a difference between yard and meter. Any chance you happen to have this setting wrong either in a watch or your profile?
  • sjscoach
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    JariB, thanks for that, I thought that also but I think yardage would be considerably off right? It almost seems that the yardage it shows as being at the farthest edge of the green is more like the center of the green.

    I've played with other golfers who have a different watch standing side by side and have seen a huge difference.
  • MikkoK
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    Hi sjscoach,

    Sounds like the golf course data could have a mistake or the watch is not reading it correctly. For the latter you could re-install the courses [user manual]. You can report errors in course data here.

    Cheers, Mikko
  • sjscoach
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    Mikko, thank you I will try that
  • steeldesk
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    I had similar problem with my course and incorrect distances. My course has 100 and 150 yard markers and took watch readings at each position. I submitted watch reading v actual distances back to TomTom office using the communication form in the software and they corrected the data base. After downloading the correction the watch now is almost 100% correct (+/- 2 yards) for my course.
  • Stuart McDonald
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    If you let me know the name of the course and a tee + hole that you are sure is wrong I can check current data.