TomTom Multisport/Runner GPS Accuracy?

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I started running on a new trail and have run three times. It is an out-and-back with clear markers. First two runs, the GPS on the watch measured 5.15 miles. When I ran on Saturday (maybe after a software update), it measured the same run as marked on the physical trail at 5.01 miles. A difference of a 10th, which seems way off given the physical landmarks I can check. I wondered if the new feature of reducing workout time with a slower heart rate is causing the watch not to measure my actual distance correctly? Or is the GPS a 10th of a mile off in error, which would be a lot these days.


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    What do you mean by "the new feature of reducing workout time with a slower heart rate"? There have been no new features added to the Multisport in quite some time to my knowledge. I would also look at the GPS tracks for the workouts and see if there are any variations. One of them may have picked up some bad data points and you would see the tracks get off sync in the maps.

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