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I need a fitness tracker and I've narrowed it down to thease they are within my buget can be for swimming and running anyone had any of thease please

- tom tom spark music
- tom tom cardio music
- Tom Tom multi sport

Can anyone recommend any of the above please x


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    I would not even consider the Runner and MultiSport models. The Spark3 and Runner 3 have more storage, a more readable screen with larger metrics, along with a bunch of new features (indoor gym mode, indoor bike mode, music on the watch, custom race mode, the ability to follow trails, longer battery life, etc.). It may cost you a little more but it will well be worth it for the added features and future proofing (future updates are generally only be for the latest generation of watches, the original Runners and MultiSports do not appear to be getting any more updates). You are buying three year old technology with the Runner and MultiSport watches and are severely limiting yourself for the future.

    The Spark and Cardio are the same thing. There is really only one watch with different features. The Spark 1 & 3 and Runner 2 & 3 models are identical, the names differ for marketing purposes. The latest version is the 3, which is what you want (why buy a product that has already been surpassed by a new model?). The feature sets are as follows, buy based on what you need, keeping in mind you cannot add features later so if you buy a non-Cardio and later decide you want the optical HR you can't upgrade it (I personally would go for the Cardio or Cardio + Music).

    1) Spark3 - No HR / no Music
    2) Spark3 Music - Music without HR
    3) Spark3 Cardio - HR without Music
    4) Spark3 Cardio + Music - Both Cardio and Music
    5) Adventurer - Added Altimeter and Compass with added sports modes for more outdoor sports.

    I hope this helped answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.
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    Thank you I've just purchased my first ever fitness tracker/watch
    Went for the spark 3 cardio and music so can leave my phone at home meaning total me time ha ha
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