Faulty cable and a degraded strap

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I have a Runner 2. It's a really terrible product. I've owned it for less than 6 months and already had to buy a new charging cable because the pins in the original pulled out. Last week I had to super glue the strap as because it was hanging off. £26 for a new strap + shipping and up to 10 days wait? No thank you. It seems like a good sports watch in theory, but then a lot of things appear good in theory. I suppose you'd like to ask what my actual question is. Ok. here goes: why is your very expensive product such a load of rubbish and costing me so much to maintain?
Oh yes, and it doesn't always charge. You have to keep an eye on it or you'll be out training the next day and it'll cut out because it never charged.


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    Before buying another charging cable or strap you should have called Customer Support as both are covered under warranty and they would have replaced them for free. To get the number for Customer Support, go to tomtom.com/support, choose Contact at the bottom, select the service required and the product name and click Contact Customer Care and then Phone Us. It will give you the phone number for the country your account is registered under (this can be changed by clicking the flag icon in the bottom right corner of the screen).

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