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MegalosMegalos Posts: 6,014
Hi Eris,

The 3D buildings are only visible in the larger cities. Where did you expect the buildings? Maybe I can check whether I have the same issue.


  • Erisvaldo30Erisvaldo30 Posts: 3 [New Traveler]
    Good evening!!
    My map does not appear buildings in 3D, how can I solve this?
    can anybody help me?
  • Erisvaldo30Erisvaldo30 Posts: 3 [New Traveler]
    Good Morning!!!
    I'm in the city of Sorocaba São Paulo, but I've traveled to several cities and there were no 3D buildings !!!
  • MegalosMegalos Posts: 6,014
    Thanks for the example. I checked that city and indeed also on my device there are no 3D buildings there. In Sao Paulo City, however, I did see them, see the screenshot below. So it seems that in Brazil many cities do not yet have the 3D buildings.

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