Sports Watch - new watch, old data

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Absolutely gutted when I was about to go for my run this morning and my MultiSport watch completely stopped. Time is still working on it, but completely inactive otherwise. No resetting is working. (Not the first time it's stopped but this time, I think it's dead).
Anyhow, in a mad panic to get another watch by tomorrow and have ordered the Spark GPS Fitness watch (I run and mountainbike so hopefully it will be sufficient for that?). I don't want to loose any of my past 2 years information through my old watch so how do I ensure that I stick with my old profile but with a new watch?

Watch arrives tomorrow hopefully, so just prepping myself in advance so I can just get going!


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    When you register the watch and it asks you to register or login, select login and use the same email and password from your old account. The new watch will be registered to the new account and you will not even notice a difference. I personally would have ordered the Spark3 or Adventurer as they are newer models will added features but you will be fine with the Spark for your purposes.

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