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Postcodes wrong since map v955

CarminatCarminat Posts: 989 [Revered Pioneer]
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I have tried to persuade TomTom that the postcode data in the maps v960 and onwards is wrong. But nobody will listen. They tell me to submit a map correction on the website, but the maps are fine, just the wrong postcode files is added to them.



  • MikkoKMikkoK Posts: 23,905 Retired Community Managers and Staff
    Hi Carminat,

    Postcodes are part of the map data so the best way to correct is to report directly to the Map team with the MapShare Reporter. If you've already done this, please post here the report ID so that we can check it's status.

    Cheers, Mikko
  • CarminatCarminat Posts: 989 [Revered Pioneer]
    Number: 1611xx-xxxxxx

    As you can see from the reference, that was seven months ago. Can you persuade me that's not long enough for someone at TomTom to recognise the problem? (feel free to rename that as "issue"). After map v955 the maps were incorrectly compiled, as I already showed in my VERY LENGTHY correspondence covered by this incident reference.

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  • CarminatCarminat Posts: 989 [Revered Pioneer]
    How ridiculous can this get? A Manager asks me to post the incident number and when I do, a Moderator deletes it. Which of you is Left Hand and which of you is Right Hand?
  • CarminatCarminat Posts: 989 [Revered Pioneer]
    What????? A Manager asks me to post the incident number and when I do, a Moderator deletes it. Just out of interest, which one of you is Right Hand and which is Left Hand?? Booze ups and Breweries spring to mind.

    And of course, my problem (aka Issue) remains unaddressed.
  • MikkoKMikkoK Posts: 23,905 Retired Community Managers and Staff
    Hi Carminat,

    I meant a MapShare Reporter ID. We'll check with Customer Service what the status of their investigation is and if there's something more to be done there.

    Cheers, Mikko
  • CarminatCarminat Posts: 989 [Revered Pioneer]
    Well, I've received no further update on the status of their investigation since 28th November when they said.....

    Dear Mr XXXXXX,

    The reference number for your query is 1611XX-XXXXXX.

    This is XXXXX again from TomTom Customer Support Team.

    Dennis, we can just get this reported to the relevant teams and unfortunately they did not give us any response for the same.

    As a procedure, they will test the same on any other models, and maps as well and then possibly this will be resolved in next map update or within next few map updates.

    Please do let me know if you require any further help in future and I will be more than happy to help you.
    Thank you once again for your valuable time and for giving me an opportunity to assist you.

    Have a great time ahead!

    With Kind Regards

    I started this problem at the situation of Maps v980, we are now at v990 and strill nothing resolved on this fault.
  • MegalosMegalos Posts: 6,072
    Hi, you can find the MSR ID on the MSR website. When you click your submitted correction on the map, you can see the ID.
  • CarminatCarminat Posts: 989 [Revered Pioneer]
    I have still received no further information on this fault - nine months since TomTom customer support were supposed to have reported it to the team.
  • lampardlampard Posts: 5,608 Moderator
    Hi Carminat,

    I can see your last contact to the support was from 2016 and if the incident is not updated within 72 hours, it moves to 'Solved' status. If you require further assistance after the incident has moved to Solved, you may update the incident at any time you wish.

    If you've any other recent incident opened with the customer support then please PM the incident number and I'll have a look!

  • CarminatCarminat Posts: 989 [Revered Pioneer]
    Once again I am being asked to send a PM.

    A month ago, VikramK appeared to try to deal with this via PM and I said at the time "I find it insulting that you all choose to use PMs when dealing with a sensitive subject in order to avoid forum members witnessing TomTom Support performance at a low ebb."

    VikramK's message on the fault was "I have sent a heads up to the customer service about this. I am sure they will be getting back to you with any further updates."

    Nobody has got back to me to date, hence my current comment that I have heard nothing since. Should I now hope that you can get a better result for me?

    Or is the established procedure that we send a problem to customer services who are able to dispose of the matter simply by not doing anything and after 72 hours of inaction move it into "solved"?
  • CarminatCarminat Posts: 989 [Revered Pioneer]
    What I can't seem to get through to TomTom is that the fault is NOT simply that postcode CF10 4GA is wrongly placed and can be resolved by a simple mapshare report to reposition CF10 4GA into the right place. The fault is that the postcode files used by maps since v955 are ALL wrong. I am getting different results for navigate to a postcode on my different devices with newer maps, compared to the same postcode on my older map device. That might be expected if we accept TomTom's assertion that maps change and we need to update them to stay on the right track. But in this case, the latest map navigation instructions are taking me to the wrong destination. I have two devices which I have been able to update since having map v955 and they are both giving the (same) wrong location. My un-updated device with map 955 gives the correct location. With regard to CF10 4GA it matters not one bit to me, as it is a regular destination - I know my way there. But I get different locations for other postcodes, one device gives one location, the other device gives a different location and I don't know which device to trust.

    TomTom have better facilities for checking than I do, yet I can download and install map v955 and run postcode CF10 4GA to show it located in the correct place. That is also shown by Royal Mail Postcode Finder, so it's not my imagination! I can then download later maps, 960, 965, 970, 975, 980, 985 and 990 and they are ALL wrong. So clearly the postcode details used for v955 have been superceded by a less accurate version. TomTom can do exactly the same tests AND IN ADDITION they can examine the postcode file in v955 and compare it with later versions to find out what went wrong.

    Eight months ago I first raised this problem on this forum (Thread - Postcodes have been wrong for over a year"). Whilst the general reactions from TT staffers on the forum are that this is a discussions forum, not an answers or complaints forum, we users surely have a right to expect that TomTom, in providing this forum for us to use, will monitor it and make some effort to put right any serious problems. There was no comment whatsoever from TT staffers to my post eight months ago and still today I am getting the "72 hours Solved" comment instead of some serious expression of concern.
  • CarminatCarminat Posts: 989 [Revered Pioneer]
    Still no comments from TomTom. We now have another new map, v995 and that too is still wrong. That's the last EIGHT maps all with incorrect postcode data.fd8823c7-32ae-47e4-9852-b1bfae8a69a4.gif
  • CarminatCarminat Posts: 989 [Revered Pioneer]
    Does nobody at TomTom CARE? Eight maps wrong at quarterly releases = TWO YEARS since they were last accurate! Which of my devices is giving me the correct destination when they are not in complete agreement? The latest map v995, or the two year old map v955?
  • MikkoKMikkoK Posts: 23,905 Retired Community Managers and Staff
    Hi Carminat,

    You should best take this up with Customer Service. I'm afraid we can't help you further here on the forum.

    Cheers, Mikko
  • CarminatCarminat Posts: 989 [Revered Pioneer]
    Don't worry about it Mikko. Obviously this Support Forum is for discussions only, not for actual help. In all innocence, I brought up this matter here in the hope that somebody from TomTom might feel concerned about map problems, but clearly you are not. Sadly, my Renault R-Link map has at long last updated - to v980, a mere nine months out of date, but sufficiently up to date to not get me to the correct location of the BBC in Wales!
  • leeupoleeupo Posts: 1 [New Seeker]
    I had exactly the same problem and found this thread when looking for a solution. I think I've solved it, in the settings the map was set as Europe. When I changed this to be UK and Ireland instead the postcode overlay was corrected. Hope this helps someone else.
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