Bluetooth connection watch to android phone works very unreliably.

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No doubt this has come up.
I use a OnePlus X, Android 6.0.1
The connection between my TomTom Spark 3 Cardio and the phone app works not or at most very unreliably. I can get it to work if I keep touching both watch and phone so that neither fall asleep until - perhaps - after 3-4 minutes I see the syncing bar appear on the app.

In the end this was just too much hassle for little gain.
My solution:
- put myself in peace with only syncing the Spark 3 via the cable to my Mac
- uninstall the TomTom app from my phone (as it constantly wants to switch Bluetooth on)
- and use the TomTom web app in Android Chrome (with an app bookmark on my home screen. this is much more complete than the app was in any case)

Surprising to see that TomTom cannot seem to get bluetooth syncing to work more reliably across a wider phone spectrum. However, this is my only complaint about the watch. Otherwise I love the Spark 3 and dig also the web app.


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    Hi kristiank,

    Welcome to the Community & sorry about the delay in response!

    Thank you for pointing this one out, I'll forward this feedback to our product team to review. Can you please go through the questionnaire here which will give our development team critical information on the pairing difficulties you're having?

    I've also added some public tags to this post so other users with the same problem can find your solution.

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    lampard, thanks for the reply.
    i filled out the questionnaire.
    would love to see bluetooth syncing become more robust.