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I updated to the Latest version and now depending on the activity your looking at the Summary is obscuring other section of the App !
You cant move it ? 5a6757db-0a53-4425-a4fa-898a585f5cbc.jpg
Whose designs software and doesn't test in on a Normal desktop - does everyone run 4096 x 2048 ?
Make the Widget movable - Or resizable - dynamically sizable ?
Will this be fixed or ignored ?
I can only imagine what they have done to the look on mobile apps !

You guys make some good stuff - but things you would think are basic functional / usability aspects of software design seem to be missed.


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    399b4293-397d-452f-a48d-27d683934244.jpgThis is the waste of space affecting the display - can you turn this Off -
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    Hi DEye,

    Sorry about the delay in response!

    Thank you for the feedback regarding the Sports Website, I'll forward this to our product team to review.

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