Playlists problem Runner 3 still unsolved

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I seem to have a common problem, though reading through the different topics here hasn't helped me out yet. I have a Win 10 X64 pc, and TomTom Sports connect recognizes my Runner 3. For some reason, it doesn't automatically find created playlists from WMP, it doesn't find manually saved m3u and m3u8 files (made with WMP/VLC) when I specify a playlist directory in the settings. So I read that it is also an option to just drag and drop folders to the watch and in this the way the watch automatically creates playlists for you. So I did, and.. hurray! Each directory got its own playlist, as is shown on the screenshot I added. But when I disconnect and start up my watch, none of the playlists is shown when I select playlists in the menu, only "All music". My music is not DRM protected, and it plays without problems, but in a shuffled order.

Can someone help me out?



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    Well, I guess I figured it out myself.. by doing this drag and drop, it does indeed make playlists, but the watch doesn't recognize them since the 'masterplaylist.m3u8' isn't updated automatically. This masterplaylists, as the name says, is a playlist that contains other playlists.. I opened it up in Notepad, and I added the playlists in the same language as the others;

    #NAME:00. Tame Impala Currents [2015] 320
    #NAME:Black Keys

    So name is the name that shows up when you select "playlists" on your watch.. and the directory underneath.

    Hope that this works out for you too.
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    I think if you open MySports Connect after adding them and going to the Music tab and refreshing it will update the master list.