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Hi new here and a complete novice so more than appreciate any help and apologies for long question. Bought 2011 Laguna with UK & Ireland Carminat Live built in. Hadn't been updated or Live for 3 years I'd say. Maps are way out of date on some of the new roads. I want to buy and download a whole Europe Live if Live is possible. I have the 2mb SD card registered & hooked up on TT Home in my PC. The only Europe map showing for sale is a one year E59.95 option. Its size is 3667mb, my TT Home says my card has used 1883mb with 1397mb remaining so I hope I'll be ok. Will the new map wipe out the old and can I buy or put Live on it afterwards. ? Many thanks Mike


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    I'd buy a larger sd card but call support for advice:

    1890 812 008
    Monday-Friday: 09:00 am to 5:00 pm
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    Thanks for that and especially the number
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    I recently installed the new map on a 16GB SDHC card. Worked like a charm! Just use the FAT32 formatted SD card and insert the card in de cardreader after you opened TomTom HOME.
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    Carminat Live SD card is working perfectly in my Renault Laguna. I think it was only working with only my city, but after scroll up, I find the rest of my country.