Tilt Angel widget / Tilt Data export

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I do not have a Bandit, yet. I am thinking about to buy it. But I have a couple of questions/idea.

For Motor Bike riders, it could very interesting to log/show the tilt angel.
Is there a widget in the software to visualize it? I can`t find any Informations or sample movies on youtube/google.
Or, is the tilt level logged in the datafile and can be exported?
And, is the sampling rate for the g-sensor/tilt sensor adjustable?
I found some informations, that the sampling rate is 1 sec.?
is there an option to set it


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    Hi DOMin8or

    I agree that tilt angle (or perhaps gradient) would be a great addition to the TomTom suite of graphical overlays, especially for motorbike riders. Unfortunately, it's not an option at the moment. There may be third-party software around that can do this - I haven't looked. Perhaps TomTom can add it to their rapidly growing to-do list for the next Studio upgrade?

    The GPS data extract only contains time & date, latitude & longitude & elevation - all at one second intervals. All other variables, such as speed, heading, gradient, etc, can be calculated from this raw data - you just need the software to do it. If you go to the trouble of splitting the data into spreadsheet columns (it's tab-delimited), you can of course manually calculate the gradient (a 1 metre rise over a 10 metre distance is a gradient of 1 in 10 or 0.10, equivalent to a 4.5 degree tilt angle), but this doesn't help you get it in to your video.

    There's no adjustment for 'sampling rate' in the TomTom software. You get what you get - which is probably the 1 second calculation. Given that GPS-recorded elevation is the least accurate of the recorded variables, and in my experience can 'jump about' in hilly terrain as satellites drop in and out of range, you would probably get a more meaningful gradient display with a running average calculated over several seconds.
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    Thank you very much for this detailed Infos.
    I wish you a great day.

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