SD card for 2012 Renault Megan Dynamique

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Hi, I've just bought a second hand Renault Megan 2012 TomTom Dynamique but it has no map card. Is there a cheaper way of buying a replacement rather than from the Renault dealer? Thanks


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    Hi teslagirls1,

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    I don't know, how expensive the SD-Card from the dealer is. But another way is to buy a new empty SDHC-Card (recommended minimum 8GB). format it with FAT32 (no quickformat) and insert it in your Carminat. Turn on Ignition and wait until message "No Map found" (or similar) occurs. Then back to PC. Install TTHome. Register your "Carminat"-SD with your TomTom-Account and buy a Map or even better the Map-Update-Service (four Maps in a year). Then download the Map. If you need all the Renault-Stuff and the Computer-Voices, send me a PM.


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    I ve same situation above, format, putting it to car no map found and back to pc I install the software and maps and put it back to car but its not sayin no map found but sand watch appears then car picture, then agreement I agree but again sand watch and picture to the agreement. and when I check the card through tom tom setup device looks the sd card is empty and no program or map installed