How do I find more info on my model?

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I've bought a spark 3 watch, it is without its manual. It was advertised as a + music, but firstly when I click 'up' on my watch to find my bluetooth headphones (my own, they did not come with headphones), no 'searching' screen comes up as I am sure it is supposed to. Furthermore, I do not have a music icon on my tomtom sports connect software page when my watch is plugged in. Does this mean it is not actually a + music device?

PS. I have looked up the serial number on tomtom's 'finding the model' page and I get back -
TomTom Runner 3, 4GB, MySports Connect
TomTom Spark 3, 4GB, MySports Connect

I've attached a pic of my desktop software app. There should be a music icon next to the settings cog right?

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    It sounds like it is not a Music version. The best way is to press down from the clock, go to About and see what it says at the top of the screen. If it is a Music version, it will say it right there (Music or Music Cardio).

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    Yep you're right. For anyone looking it is right at the top. It actually only shows up very briefly before being replaced by 'watch status'. I did not even see that mine said 'regular' rather than 'music cardio' as you have to pay attention before the header changes. I will have to send mine back now, i always seem to have these problems in life :( issue resolved, thanks for your reply tfarabaugh.