Spark cardio+music-Ramdom uneven sound reproduction

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Hi all. I bought my tomtom runner spark 2 cardio+music almost a year ago and the product came with the original bluetooth headphone. No problems with pairing the watch, but recently, I have noticed that sometimes the right channel was too low. I have tried to certify that the problem was not with my ear or a possible cable connection issue (between the main unity and speaker extremities) by gently waiving or touching the speakers, with no luck. The strange thing is that after pairing the watch, the right channel sound reproduction becomes low or normal in a random way: sometimes the reproduction is perfect for an entire 60 min workout, sometimes the right channel is too low during one or two complete workouts. It is important to say that when I observe the problem, the normal condition does not come back during the workout. It is necessary to unpairing and pairing again, a couple of times, to restore the good condition, but sometimes I must forget the problem since even these successive attempts do not help. It could be related to watch updates? Any ideas? I love the set (watch and Bluetooth original headphone) but buying a new earbud is too expensive in my country.


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    It sounds like the headset is failing. I would call Customer support immediately, as the headphones should be covered under the same warranty as the watch, which is likely a year. They will replace them if it is determined it is a mechanical failure.

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