Turn Spark 3 off??

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I use my spark 3 for running. Is it possible to turn it off so i will have it charged and ready when i go? Now i always have to think about charging it beforehand.
I know and have read ways to save battery live, have not figured out how to turn it off yet.


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    There is no way to turn it off and no need to. In clock mode with the activity tracker off the battery will last for over a month, so just top it off every so often and you will be fine. There is a way to turn it off for servicing, but it requires you to plug back into a computer to turn it on, and if you are doing that then you can just charge it. I leave mine plugged in when I am not using it. It will not shorten the life of the battery and it is always charged and ready to go.

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    You can actually power on the watch by holding one of the buttons a bit longer,. You will need to connect the watch to TomTom Sports Connect on the computer to power off the watch. To do this, hold Ctrl (Windows) or Cmd (macOS) while clicking Reset in the Settings. When you then disconnect the watch it will power off.
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    Good to know, thanks Jurgen!