TomTom Touch: No phone/SMS notifications on Android 6.0.1

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I recently bought a TomTom Touch and I am disappointed with the product. I do not get any notifications when I get phone calls or text messages. The battery also drains in less than one day when having the pulse monitor running. Also, the pedometer (step counter) does not count steps but rather arm movements. If I keep my arm still while walking, less than every third step is counted. If I stand still and move my arm back and forth, I get the numer of steps corresponding to my arm movement.

Moreover - almost nothing on the tomtom web site works. Almost all links are dead... :(


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    Hi claesafk,

    Welcome to the Community & Sorry about the delay in response!

    I can see that your activity tracker has the old software version 1.38.0 installed on it. We've released VERSION 1.40.0 after this, please connect your tracker to the computer and update it using the Sports Connect software.

    Also, there was an issue with smartphone notifications on Sports Android app which is now fixed with the 5.0.4 version. Please update your App as well as the tracker and let us know if it's the same after that.

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    Thank you for your reply!
    I installed Sports Connect in the beginning of the week and had a quick look at it. Today, I tried to start the program again, but it failed to open. I tried to restart the computer. After booting up, I tried to start Sports Connect and was prompted to download and install the latest version. I did, and then it started OK.

    I can connect the device to Sports Connect and I see that I have firmware version 1.38.0. I do not, however, have a clue on how to upgrade the device. I cannot see any button or menu item for upgrading the device. I attach a screen shot. Sorry for the Swedish version. I would appreciate some directions on how to upgrade the device, step by step. I tried to use the help function in the program, looking for videos. That brought me to a private Youtube-channel where I could not access the contents. I tried the link for Manuals, but I could not get any manual for Sports Connect, only the tracker.

    So far, I am very disappointed with the product, the desktop software (Sports Connect, can I do anything with this?), the web site and the response time for support mail. I guess I will be a one-time-only customer for TomTom...

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