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Hello community, just wanted to let you know on this little episode I had with TomTom.
I have a multisport cardio watch (predecessor of the runner 3 cardio) that I bought in Dec 2014. It is — or should I say, was — in perfect condition as I only use it to run, 2 or 3 times a week (i.e. not a daily usage device).
Recently after a software upgrade, my cardio-frequency monitor stopped working. I have tried tomtom's recipe for these issues (restore factory defaults), without success. When I contacted support they promptly offered to fix the unit ... for 85EUR flat fee. This is roughly 60% of the price of the unit.

60% of the units price every two years? I have running shoes that last more than this.
You came late to the market of sports gadgets, and I trust you'll disappear soon. Thanks, but no thanks TomTom.


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    Or looking at it another way you are over 18 months out of warranty and they offered to give you a new watch (they do not actually repair them, they replace them with a new or reconditioned unit) for half of what a new one cost, which is fairly generous as at that price they are basically covering their shipping and processing costs. They could have simply told you the warranty was expired and you had to buy one at full price. As to whether it was caused by the update, one would have to examine the watch to determine that but I have never heard of it happening.
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    Or looking it the right way, TomTom didnt offer anything. They tried to sell me a SECOND watch for 85EUR. If you think buying a new watch every two years is a generous offer, good luck with that.

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    Just noticed this forum has censorship installed. Nice!
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    Same problem with the watch (Multi Sport Cardio, software 1.8.52). Hope TomTom comes with an update or possibility to use older version. I had at Polar watch for more than 10 yearsand was still running then a gave to my brother. Software for the polar was I still able to get.
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