Spark 3 needs to reset every time

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Good afternoon
I bought my watch a few months ago but since 2 months, my watch need to reset every 3 weeks. Like today. I used my watch monday and now i want to use it again and it needs to be reset. I don't know why. Do more people has this problem? And what can I do next time to avoid this problem?
Because I also loose al my activities on my watch (not on the computer of course)
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    Hi Ilona,

    Welcome to the Community & Sorry about the delay in response!

    Do you get any error message on the watch when you find a need to perform a reset? Have you tried a factory reset or just a soft reset (Connect & Disconnect watch to a wall charger/computer)?

    A simple factory reset should be able to fix any issues with the firmware installed on the watch and helps you to reinstall it. Let us know!

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    I face the same problem, after a ride or a walk, syncing the watch to the phone (I have a BlackBerry Priv, Android) is a pain, it takes 7-10 attempts to connect. Then the connection isn't stable and the phone app tries multiple times before the stars align just right for the sync to complete. That's when you are lucky.....!
    Else just sync it with the computer, then reset the watch to factory defaults, perform the pairing with the phone again (pray it works within a few attempts) and hope the pairing persists.
    It is extremely frustrating to sync the watch (using the watch is super easy though), repeated reset to factory defaults, uninstalling and installing the phone app has not helped.

    Here are a few things that would really help:
    1. There should be a way to use the watch without the desktop application
    2. pairing with the phone has to be stable
    3. syncing with the phone should be reliable
    4. software update should be pushed from the phone, not dependent on connecting to computer
    On the watch front the following items would really help I am a cyclist and this is what i felt would help a lot. Show more than 3 metrics on the dial while riding, show following:
    • Ride duration,
    • Current Heart rate,
    • Current speed, D
    • Distance covered till now,
    • Time
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    Hi Sunil,

    Welcome to the Community!

    I can see that your watch has the version 1.7.62 installed on it which has the pairing issues with the smartphone. If you wish I can revert you back to the version 1.7.60 which is a workaround for the pairing issues with the watch and phone.

    The battery life of the watch will be impacted if you use the phone notifications feature. Let me know if you wish to use the version 1.7.60!

    Cheers, lampard