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I am finding this product really difficult to navigate and use. I have recently purchased and set the app up on my phone and mac. I have managed to sync the activity on my phone but when I plug the watch into my mac the activity is not transferring across. Its starts to charge but thats it and when charging I can not access any of the phone menus.
Please can some one advise?

I also have other questions...

I have used my watch while swimming and I can not see any heart rate data either during the swim or once the activity has been downloaded surely this is not right?

I have also used the watch for sleep. All I get are the hours that its been on once I have turned the app on which I could get looking at the clock next to my bed. Should there be heart rate info and sleep analysis reported

I also want to be able to see my heart rate when I am wearing the watch but can't see an option to access this. Do I need to turn on an activity in order to get the heart rate info?

I have to say I am not liking this watch very much at all!



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    To answer your questions in order:

    1) Once you have synced on the phone you cannot also sync by computer, it is either/or. Once the data is successfully uploaded it is cleared from the watch (the history is just summary data for the last 10 activities). If you want the data to be on your computer you need to sync by computer or download it from MySports by going into the activity and select sharing>Files.

    2) The optical HR is not active during swimming activities as the accuracy is impaired by the water. You can try it is freestyle or gym mode and see how it works for you but you will lose swimming metrics.

    3) All it is using to sense sleep is movement; it does not look at HR or other factors so it would have to make assumptions as to quality of sleep based strictly on movement, which varies widely by person. Some people sleep like rocks and never move and some people shift a lot. The quality of sleep is the same for them, they just sleep differently. I think many of the devices and apps out there are just making wild guesses as they do not have brainwave monitors on or anything. They are just making assumptions based on your movement as well but putting it into a nice looking interface with lots of graphs to make it seem like they know more. It would be nice if TT could somehow detect and quantify the movement on a chart like you can with HR to see when you are shifting around more. They could possibly factor HR in somehow to detect when there is no movement and a lowered heart rate.

    4) To see your current HR you can either go to the sensors screen and select Heart and it will show you or you can go to any activity start screen (that has HR available) and it will show you there. The HR monitor is not running 24/7 as that would kill the battery. The 24/7 HR tracker is taking a reading ounce every 10 minutes only.

    All of these items are widely documented and if any of them are a vital feature for you and you are within your return period you may want to look at other devices that offer this option now. I would not count on it coming, you need to make your decision based on the features that are currently offered, and not what may come in the future. Go into it with the assumption that what is in the box is all there is and it will never be updated, to save setting yourself up with false expectations.

    I hope this helped answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.
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    Thank you for your answer that's very helpful to know