Editing Times and Resyncing Deleted Activites

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I quite like the mysports website, it's all I need to simply keep a log of runs and my personal bests, but there are a few things which i'm not able to do which is quite important.

1) Editing the duration of an activity.

I often forget to actually stop the watch when I finish, so I need to go in after the activity has been synced to the website and change the time.
If I go to an activity, then "Edit" and change the Active Time in the input boxes, after clicking out of the box, it flashes green with a tick, but then the Active Time resets to what it was before. It seems to change the Total Time at the bottom, but it's the Active Time which displayed everywhere and which is used to show personal bests, so looking at my activity history, I only see the incorrect, larger time and it doesn't count the Total Time towards my records.

2) I delete one of my activities to see if I could make the required time changes in the .tcx file and re-import it, though then realised there is no manual import feature. Now I am unable to sync the activity back into mysports again. I re-docked the watch in the PC and it went through its "COnnecting", "Syncing", "Charging", etc... but the activity hasn't been re-synced. I've also tried finding the folder on my PC it created originally and clicking the activity .ttbin file, which opens up the tomtom connect software again, but doesn't do anything. I've even tried removing the activity folder from my PC and seeing if it would create it again when docking the watch, but to no avail.

Are there any solutions to these issues?

I'd really prefer to just use this instead of runtastic or strava or any of the others, which overcomplicate things and then charge for the basics, if possible....


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    On the editing, with some activities (GPS enabled) you can actually edit the total time as well as the active time. I would try that and see if it gives you more what you want.

    On the reloading, to force MySports to reupload an activity you need to do the following:
    1. Exit MySports Connect on your computer (you must use a computer to reupload – right click on the tray icon and select Exit).
    2. Locate the ttbin files:

    PC Syncing: The ttbins are saved in a dated folder for the date of the activity under C:\Users\{User Name}\TomTom MySports\{Watch Name}

    Apple Devices: Locate the ttbin files in iTunes:
    a. Connect your iOS device to your computer and wait for iTunes to open.
    b. Select your iOS device in the iTunes sidebar.
    c. Select the Apps tab and scroll down to File Sharing.
    d. Select MySports.
    e. The ttbin files are listed on the right hand side.
    f. Right-click (Mac: ctrl-click) a file to copy it and save it to your computer

    Android Devices: In Android, the ttbin files are stored on the internal SD in (/sdcard/TomTom_MySports/[serial number of watch]/workouts/uploaded/). Copy them to your computer

    3. Place the ttbin files in C:\Users\[user name]\TomTom MySports\[serial number]
    4. Restart MySports Connect and connect your watch
    5. Go the Settings page (click the gear icon on the top right) and press the 'Try again' button to re-upload the files.

    I hope this helped answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.
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    The reupload thing work, thanks.

    With regards to the editing, there are 2 options when editing an activity:

    Active Time
    Total Time

    I can edit the Total Time to whatever I want, but that time seems to be largely irrelevant, as it is the Active Time which is displayed as "the time this activity took", and secondly the personal bests are calculated on the Active Time. So for example, my run this morning actually took 23:16, but I forgot to stop my watch until 23:57, so my Active Time is "23:57". If I change the total time to "23:16", it doesn't flag it as being my fastest 5k, because it's looking at the Active Time, which is 23:57. But as I said, it is impossible to change the Active Time, because as soon as I type that into the box, it comes up with a green tick and then goes back to 23:57 again.
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    That is likely because the active time is a calculated field, not data that comes from the watch so it cannot be changed.