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Dear support,

Since tomtom can show zones with limited access (pedestrians only) wouldn't it be a nice option to have also the Low Emission Zones on the TomTom available.

More and more countries are making these zones and it is becomming a real challenge not to enter them (in Antewerp a 10year old Diesel car is no longer allowed to enter, you get a 200€ fine!).

It would be great if:
1. You have the same option in setting that you can avoid these like you can do with TOL roads.
2. You get a warning when you would be entering such a zone on your route (and have the option to avoid)
3. Get the question to go to a nearby parking outside this zone if your destination is in this zone.
4. If these roads get a different icon and colour like you have for traffic. e.g. a green leaflet and green roads (will be anoying with the green arrow and route when using this colour)

again, would be a great option and a plus on the competition.


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    Hi mcasteels,

    Welcome to the Community!

    Thanks for the suggestion! That would indeed be a great addition to our navigation devices and apps :D

    A feature like this requires sufficient data in a usable form for us to be able to build a feature around it. Unfortunately, we're currently not able to provide such a feature but hopefully in (a not too distant) future we will :D

    Cheers, Mikko
  • mcasteels
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    Hello Mikko,

    thanks for the reply and answer. Getting this info should not be to difficult since this is available for all tourists :cool:. I do know this would require a lot of work to transcode in to the map data. Nevertheless as pointed out a great feature to buy a TomTom.
    I would not wait too long with such a feature because this is becomming more and more a trend in a lot of countries (and I'm certain the competition will also look at the benefits)

    PS TomTom owner since at least 15 years but until now never active on the forum.
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    Nice idea! :)
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