TomTom Spark 3 - Samsung Galaxy Tab A

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i plan to buy a Spark3 but it seems that my Samsung Galaxy Tab A is not support buy Tomtom application...
Is someone can confirm this ? Why this device is not supported ?



  • tfarabaugh
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    If a device is not on the compatibility list it does not mean it will not work, it may be it was just not tested. Due to Android’s constant tweaking and the tablet and phone manufacturers making further modifications to the OS some version work better than others. Keep an eye out for an icon in the notification area at the top, some phone models require you to allow the app access in a separate window that does not pop to the front automatically. On my Samsung tablet it was not giving me the passcode entry but I noticed a tiny icon of a watch at the top of the screen (and you may need to drag down if the notification area is hidden by default). When I opened the notification there was an entry on the list for TomTom Sports watch. Clicking that and confirming the watch then allowed the passcode entry screen to come up. It was being blocked by the tablet OS. It paired just fine after that. Also make sure you have location services on; another user found this was the issue for them. Enabling the Localization in the top of the phone isn't enough. The Localization Services of Google+ has to be active too. There is no way to know ahead of time and anyone for whom it worked would really have no reason to be on the user forum (which is generally frequented by people with issues) so you are unlikely to get confirmation on way or the other.

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