Pace, cals, speed, not recorded

StibyStiby Posts: 8 [Master Explorer]
Hi all,

Just a quick question to see if anyone has ever experienced this issue.

Was out a run tonight with my runner 2 set to intervals specifically

Warm up: 5 mins
Work: 0:30
Rest: 0:30
Cool Down: 5 mins

Have used this many times before and currently assessing how my speeds are increasing and lagging as I go through the sets.


My runner did not record any pace/speeds/cals. It did record overall distance and I can see my GPS map, it also did not record any steps. Under the entire recording there is "autopaused" I did everything else as normal and haven't seen this before, I can assure I was not standning still for the 30 mins!. :-p

I'm thinking this maybe a new feature added and I've just been unfortunate enough to get a glitched recording.

Pretty gutted as I really pushed it and wanted to compare, but hey ho, just need to go again!!

1 thing to add though, that under the laps tab, there are paces recorded there, which is weird as not showing on summary tab.

Thanks in advance

Paul S


  • StibyStiby Posts: 8 [Master Explorer]
    I've actually seen this is indeed a new feature, looking at old runs I can see it kicking in, but this one lasted the entire workout, despite my watch still buzzing through the interval times.

    Ah well, typical to get a glitched recording right away with a new feature :( , needless to say I would prefer this removed. I'll check for ON/OFF once charged up fully and post back, feature doesn't suit me.
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    Hi Paul ,

    Welcome to the Community!

    Thanks for flagging this one out, I'll check this with the product team and let you know once there's more information to share.

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  • StibyStiby Posts: 8 [Master Explorer]
    Fantastic lampard, much obliged! :D
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