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I got Tom Tom spark cardio couple of days ago. I have noticed once software updated, Weight Lifting option missing.
Some of options like: Running, Freestyle, Cycling(outdoor) do not start rather saying.. Please waiting and it remains there forever. I thought it was issue with my device at first place and got it replaced but it comes out be with same problem with this new device as well. I am very disappointed with this device and customer care number provided seems useless. It never connect!!


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    There was never a weight lifting mode, it is gym mode and they changed the icon from a weight lifter to someone doing aerobics over a year ago (since OHR is really not accurate for weight lifting anyway). The other activities you mention all require GPS, are you using it outdoors or indoors (likely indoors if you're using it for weight lifting). They will not start without a GPS signal. You need to scroll down to gym mode (the name is listed above the icon) to use it indoors.

    I hope this helped answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.
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    After unboxing the device I start using it and it has a Weight Lifting icon like Runner whether it is a GYM or whatever it was there but after the software update, its no longer existed however there has another icon as Gym but it is not the one which was there before. As you have said I need GPS in order to work other outdoor activities. None of these activities started to work, even when I connected this device with my Phone. It keeps saying please wait even though I am running outdoor.... Please let me know how to get other activities to work...