Speed and heart rate misalignment after pause?

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Hi all,

Since a few weeks I own the Spark 3 and have used it on my bike rides.

Analysing the data it seems that there is something odd: When I pause the activity (cycling in my case) it stops recording speed/distance, but heartrate is still measured (and used for the recovery message).

When I review my workout later after uploading it to TomTom Sports and watch the graph, I do not see the pauses in the speed graph, but I do see them in the heartrate graph. As they share the same horizontal axis (time), it appears to me that this is incorrect.

In the graph you can see it: the grey line (heartrate) shows long periods of lower heartrate (because I paused), while the speed does not show it (because I paused the activity). I would like to hear your experiences.




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    Hi Arjan,

    Welcome to the Community!

    Are you still not able to see the pauses on the Sports website? Automatic pause detection is introduced with version 5 of the TomTom Sports app and on 31/5/2017 on the TomTom Sports website, see the public FAQ here: Automatic Pause detection

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    Hi Lampard,

    Thanks for the reply, certainly a nice new feature. But it does not change the problem. The new feature is an autodetect function on the active part of the ride. What I see in my graph is that when I manually pause the watch (press left during the activity until it shows the pause sign), it stops recording my speed (as it should) but keeps recording - and plotting - my heartrate. Therefore the misalignment is still there.

    In the future I might not need to manually pause, so the auto pause detection can do its magic. But for me (and possibly many more users), to manually pause the activity means to get inconsistent data!