iOS app bug? Exit from sleep screen-TomTom Touch cardio

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HI recently received the tom tom touch cardio composition as a gift, so far liking it a lot.
issue is that every time Ive gone to the sleep screen to have a look at the activity it gets stuck.
Ive tried uninstalling the app & re-installing and it still does it.

Obviously this process also entails repairing etc, so very cumbersome .....

screen shot of what I now see every time I open the app ... hitting the "x" doesn't work ... help!!



  • lampard
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    Hi Timbo,

    Welcome to the Community!

    Thanks for flagging this one out, there'll be a new v5.0 of the TomTom Sports app available soon in App Store to update.

    I'll post back here once the update is released, please update the app then and let us know if the same behaviour exists with it.