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I have a TomTom Runner 1 from three years ago and the wristband broke? All of the bands available seem to be for the Runner 2 or 3 or the Spark versions - I have one of the Runner 3 watches as well - the band is for a different dimension. How can I order a new band for old watch that is still working perfectly fine?


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    All units in the Spark/Runner lineup (Spark, Spark 3, Runner2, Runner3 and Adventurer) are identical and all the straps are interchangeable. The only straps that will not fit are the ones for the original Runner1 and MultiSport. For those you have to get a Runner strap, which are labelled as "Comfort Straps" on the TomTom product page.

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    Thanks - I cannot find it on my local Belgian TomTom site (on the US one yes) - I can order it on Amazon though.
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