Difference between Spark 3, Runner 3, and Adventurer

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Hello, I recently bought a Spark 3 and am diligently going through it putting it through tests and deciding whether or not to keep it. One thing I am dealing with at the moment is that I don't find the headphones to be worth the enormous price hike. Everyone here probably agrees that they'd rather get a different pair of headphones. I currently own Motorola S11 and they still work wonders. Far superior to the ones provided by TomTom (a minimum of a $50 premium I'd rather not pay).

Anyways, the question here is I'm curious the differences between the Spark 3, the Runner 3, and the Adventurer. The prices vary and the other two seem to cost more without headphones. So I'm curious then... are they better overall products? "Any help here would be hot" (JarJar Binks).

This is a get my money's worth type question. If I can get the music, cardio, GPS, without having to pay for the headphones I don't want, I'd be ecstatic. Cuz you can bet TomTom is charging for those headphones. I've seen plenty of posts asking about headphones that sync. So I'm obviously not the only one who doesn't think the headphones are any good and rather not pay for them. That's $50 I could put forward to a better headset.

So again... Differences. Thank you.


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    You may be able to get the Music version without the headphones, it will depend on the packages offered in the country you are in. You are really not paying a premium for the headphones, they are included with the music watches by default. The models are the Spark ($130), Spark + Music ($170), Spark + Cardio ($190), Spark + Music + Cardio ($250). You essentially pay $40 to get music and $60 to get Cardio (with a premium to get both). I have found the newer version that come with the Spark3 (with the controls in the right earpiece) work far better than the older ones that most of the complaints are about (with twice the battery life).

    The Spark3 and the Runner3 are identical and the Adventurer is very close, except that it has a few more sports modes (variations on the base ones) and a barometric altimeter (which adds elevation metrics). The intervals, music function, HR, etc are the same on all three. The price premium comes down to whether you will really use the altimeter data and the added sports modes.

    I hope this helped answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.