Failure of GO LIVE 1000 to store additional speed camera locations

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Hi, my GoLIve1000 is failing to store speed camera locations that I add. Just after entering a new camera position, I get a 'Thanks' notification, but later, when I drive through that spot again, the device doesn't alert me to the new position. A couple of weeks ago, I tried updating the device, hoping that would fix it, but it hasn't. All live services are active.


  • MikkoK
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    Hi easydoesit,

    Sorry for my late reply here!

    Your camera reports need to first be confirmed by our Speed Cameras team and added to the database after which they're offered to all customers in Speed Camera updates and LIVE Services. The reports made with devices are anonymous so I can't help much with those but you could also use the MapShare Reporter to report them. With the ID of the report we can provide you with further information about your report, if needed. The following video gets you started:

    Cheers, Mikko
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    Have used the mapshare to log update information - useful information Mikko. Does the Tomtom GoLive 1000 provide live speed camera updates? Am just about to be robbed by the Dorset Police for 37mph on a long clear road with streetlights by a mobile camera and want to avoid a repeat. Also does the GoLive 1000 give an audible warning when you are exceeding the speed limit on the road?