GOLFER 2 watch doesn't recognize my Golf course.

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I have just bought the Golfer 2 watch and it doesn't seem to pick up my golf course Wetherby. I have checked that it is on the list of golf courses covered, made sure the watch is fully updated and even done a factory reset. It picks up several others in the area but not mine. I've swapped the watch with another at the shop but this has made no difference. Has anyone else experienced the same issue? I'm thinking of returning it and getting a Garmin instead.


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    Hi Pedrowill,

    Welcome to the Community & Sorry about the delay in response!

    I can see a couple of Golfer activities on your account for Wetherby Golf Club, did you manage to sort it out? If not then, please let us know what's the problem you're facing with the Golf course and the watch.

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    I was able to pick the course up yesterday so got the opportunity to try out the watch. It was good and generally workes well. 3 of the holes were out in terms of the distance so i'll have to report via the online form. It might just be that i need to complete a further update. Thanks for the help