Body composition measurements - BF% readings higher after last update.

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Has anybody else experienced this? My BF% has gone up around 2% after last update and it has been exactly the same since. It is just bizarre as as my scale also measures body composition and its reading has been changing over that time.


  • rooda
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    It has moved down after the latest update. But still the readings are higher than before.
  • lampard
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    Hi rooda,

    Welcome to the Community & Sorry about the delay in response!

    Please see this discussion link here by tfarabaugh explaining the body fat composition on the tracker, I hope this link will be useful:

    I've logged your feedback regarding the body composition as an improvement request for the product team.

  • rooda
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    Hi, thanks for the link, I understand the body composition on the tracker.
    I don't compare measurements on different devices.
    My measurements on the tracker has gone up after an update, that's all. (Not comparing readings, but my measurements still going consistently down on different device I've got.)
    I don't feel it works as it should be so thanks for logging the problem.
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    Do you also register your weight? If you do the app actually uses this to calculate the fat%. For example yesterday night I had 27%. This morning 26%. In the main time I lost around 1 kg in water by going 2 times to the toilet.
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    Of course I do :)
    I try to take the measurements at around the same time every time.

    It was working fine up until April's update. It jumped from 26.5 to 28.5.