WiFi keeps dropping out and stopping filming

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I have tried using my Bandit paired with my iPhone 7 Plus and it's hopeless. The app loads, you connect the camera and get the preview. So far, so good. You start recording via the app and then within a minute or two the camera beeps, the recording stops and the pairing seems to have dropped.

Firmware is up to date on the camera, app is up to date.

If i use the camera using the buttons and not the app it's fine, records for as long as the battery or card allow.

I bought the camera for recording footage of me racing my car. I'm strapped in my seat and the camera mounted out of reach. The whole reason I bought this camera was the remote function via the phone and it doesn't work for me. Loathed to spend another £40 on the wrist remote.

Does anyone else have this issue? Any hints or tips. Really frustrated and wishing I'd just spent the extra money on a GoPro. If I can't find a solution I'm probably going to return it.


  • charlie marshall
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    I am having the same problem, it is happening whenever my phone locks and when I am near other WIFI connections.
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    Hi All,

    Welcome to the Community & sorry about the delay in response!

    Does your Bandit camera has the latest software version 1.61.508 installed on it? You can download it by using the Bandit App/ Studio software, see here: Updating your camera software

    Please make sure to update the camera and give it a test run again to see if its the same after pairing with an iOS device. Let us know the outcome!

  • Maerel
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    Please help, as I'm really getting disappointed here.
    File transfer is incredibly low, 5-10minutes for a 30secs 1080 movie.
    Would this be a port issue, firewall setting?

    Although I'm on a 5Gb internal WiFi network, the speed between Bandit and iPhone relies on the Bandit's wifi speed, doesn't it ? This appears to be 72Mbs, noticed by hooking the Bandit up to my iMac, using the Nett App utility, just to find out).

    Both are iPhone and Bandit are top notch on version updates.
    Too viewing that 30 sec movie isn't flawlessly either: 2-3 sec playing, then buffering (or pausing of some sort, with panicing play/pause icons on screen) repeating through the end of only a little movie....

    Looking forward to any help!
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    Sorry, solved...total reset of Bandit finally resolved my "issue" :D again...