Installing Maps On Targa

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Looks like you might be missing some device drivers; check or contact Targa direct


  • donnieclark
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    I Bought a Targa From Lidl. Can Someone help me when I Download Maps from the installation disk I Keep Getting errors Like Deu.pak Fra\lidl.upi data\mapsfra\redlightandspeedcamera-110.upi, 50.upi,100.upi,130.upi and so on, also comes up with fra.pak gbr\lidl.upi etc also packages\grp89\europe.mlm and grp89\license.txt
    This is very annoying especially when I paid the price I did .
    Please help or can you send me a replacement one .

    Thankyou for your patience.
    I didn't find the right solution from the internet.
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