Pedometer (Step counter) sync with Runkeeper

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Is it possible to sync the pedometer in the TomTomRunner 3 with Runkeeper? (A fitbit can do the job). And how do I sync the pedomter with Runkeeper?


  • tfarabaugh
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    You can set it up to send activity data to RunKeeper but it will not transfer 24/7 activity data like steps. The only thing uploaded to any of the partner sites is sports activities; none of the activity tracking is transmitted. The issue with this is that the standard file types used across the industry do not have a place to put activity data so all the major players would have to agree on a format and then adjust their APIs to accept it. This is why activity tracking stays within its environment for the most part unless the parties agree to create a custom upload for it (like FitBit). I can see it coming down the road at some point but I am not sure how much of a priority it is for the companies involved. What you can look at is whether RunKeeper can import data from GoogleFit to Apple Health as the watch now exports activity data to those sites, so you can go from TT to Google or Apple and from there to RunKeeper.

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