Review of Golfer 2 after 3 weeks of use.

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Give the watch a chance. After first week I was not impressed, now I am used to it I'm happy with it.

1) Most important thing is yardage is very accurate. Best gps I have had for this.

2) Shot detection is not perfect but after a factory reset it picks up 70-80%. I'm still talking to customer services regarding this. It is very easy to add a shot manually.

3) I find it better to manually add putts on the scorecard rather than covering the screen. It often counts them as shots not putts when covering the screen. This messes your stats. If you add by covering the screen do this in the middle of the green.

4) The mysports app is quite good but is difficult to edit. It could be much improved.

5) It will occasionally pick up random shots you have not taken. Be quick to hit the cancel button otherwise not easy to fit later.

Overal I like it. As said it's accurate with yardage which is the most important thing for me. Nice clear display of front, middle and back. There are things than can be improved and hopefully tomtom are working on these. Give it a chance it took me a little while to get used to it.


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    Hi Jbm1967,

    Sorry for my late reply here!

    We relesed v1.2.103 software update shortly after your post here and it included an improvement to shot detection. Have you tried that already?

    Cheers, Mikko