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I have a Tomtom Spark 3 watch and since last week it can't connect to my Iphone anymore. Even if I put it next to my phone, it just doesn't want to connect. What could be the issue? I tried "forgetting" the watch but now it can't find it anymore. If I check my iphone, it does see it when I look for Bluetooth devices and sayd "connected". But it does nothing in the TomTom Sports app.

Does anybody know what to do?



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    There are connectivity problems. I reported it to support today.

    The trick to get it going again is to remove the watch from the phone settings (and not only from the app. Forget this device in the app does noting at all)
    I have some problems removing de watch from my phone settings as long as it is reported as connected in the IOS settings. Temporarely switching of bluetooth on your phone helps.

    When the watch is completely removed from your phone, put the watch in connecting mode (press down, select telephone, then connect), open de app and try to connect your watch again.

    This works for me. For a couple of days. Unit the connection problems start all over again.

    Btw: there is no need to do a factory reset. I've tried and the connectionproblems will return just as fast as only removing the connection and recreating it again.