TomTom Sports App keeps requesting Bluetooth

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After the new update my TomTom Sports App keeps requesting to turn on Bluetooth, even when the app is not even running in the background. This gets really annoying when I'm busy with other stuff on my phone.
I tried re-installing the app, re-connecting the watch and switching off the Android notification in the settings. My phone is a Sony Xperia Z5 with Android 7.0.
Does anyone know a solution/fix for this?

Thanks in advance!


  • Willchatwin
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    I agree, this is so annoying, a fix for this would be great.
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    I find it very annoying also I don't want to turn my Bluetooth on. I only want to turn it on when I want to sync with my walk otherwise I always keep it off but my phone keeps asking constantly to turn it on for TomTom
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    Agreed, this needs a fix and quick! Both me and my girlfriend have a tomtom runner cardio+music (2 and 3) and both have this issue with the app in android Nougat. I am generally pretty happy with the app (although the previous one was definitely better), but these bluetooth notifications are starting to become incredibly annoying
  • lampard
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    Hi All,

    Sorry to hear about your experience with the Sports Android App! Have you tried to remove or forget the watch from the phone's BT menu before pairing? See the public FAQ here: Troubleshooting the connection between your watch and your Android™ device

    Also, please see the quick questionnaire for further information about Bluetooth connectivity here. Filling in the questionnaire would greatly help us with our investigation into this and to help you get this sorted.

  • Willchatwin
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    Hi there, I've managed to get the tomtom app to stop requesting Bluetooth be turned on every 5 minutes now. The app only requests that Bluetooth be turned on when I open the TomTom app.

    Here's what I did

    Open TomTom app

    Ensure Bluetooth is turned on and select the device box at the top of the TomTom app (I.e the box that says waiting for watch or preparing to sync etc.)

    Ensure android notification tick box is enabled.

    After selecting this box you will now always be presented with a TomTom state indicator in your android notification task bar. This is to tell you whether the watch is connected to your phone or syncing etc without opening the TomTom app.

    I then chose to hide this state indicator from my android notification task bar by long pressing on it and selecting 'block all notifications'.

    Since doing this I no longer receive requests to enable my Bluetooth.

    Hope this helps

    Regards will.
  • profromdover
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    TomTom Sports App suddenly is telling me to switch bluetooth "on" -- this in the context it's on already.