TomTom Runner keeps city of first use

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I am dealing with a weird situation;
I live(d) in a city in Belgium called "Tienen" so this was the first place where I have been using this watch. So all my activities (running , biking) that I have started in 'Tienen" were exported to a third part programm and automaticaly labeled with the name "Tienen" (I suppose this is coming from the GPS)
Since more than a year I have moved to a place about 38km more to the west, but for some reason when I export an activity I still get the name Tienen, so for some reason this name got stuck somehow in. The GPS is working perfect because the activity shown on the map is correct, it is just the name "Tienen" that I am stuck with. Very strange


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    Hi bherbots,

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    Which 3rd party programme you're exporting the activities to? Can you share a screenshot of the activity details having a label 'Tienen'? This will help us to understand what you meant above.

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