TomTom Spark 3 for OW swimming?

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Does anyone know if this product is good for measuring SWOLF in OW swimming? thanks


  • mnbvcxz
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    I don't think so, for at least two reasons. First, SWOLF is supposed to be (strokes per length) + (time per length), and I'm not sure what your "length" would be for an open water swim. Second, I don't think there's any way to track both strokes and distance in an open water swim. The swim function on the watch (which supposedly tracks strokes per length) doesn't use GPS, so I'm not sure how you would track distance, and any other function you might use to track distance while swimming (assuming you could maintain a good GPS connection) won't track the number of strokes.

    As an additional point, I'm not sure TomTom correctly calculates SWOLF or accurately tracks strokes per length. At least on my watch, the SWOLF number is just the average time per length. Maybe they've updated the software more recently.

    Still, the watch works quite well for my indoor lap swimming using freestyle.
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    I don't think so either. OW swimming is not "supported" (my term). Pool only. However, I've used Freestyle mode a couple of times and it seemed to give me a reasonable GPS track/distance. I was wearing the watch on my wrist.

    Also, from tfarabaugh's entry - What most users who want open water swimming do is to use freestyle mode and put the watch in their cap or on a safety buoy behind them so it stays out of the water. You will then get distance but will lose swim specific metrics, however. You can later go into MySports and edit the activity, changing the activity type from Freestyle to swimming.