Runner 2 suddenly stopped syncing with my iPhone

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Yesterday my runner 2 suddenly stopped syncing with my iPhone. Before that is all worked fine.

Runner 2 is running 1.3.255, iPhone Sports app 4.0.1 (oh, and now the app crashed twice when I go to manage device, about. Make that 3 times in a row)

iPhone 5s is running the lasters version of IOS (10.3.1)

Syncing with a usb cable to my Mac works just fine.

I'm quite used to devices that just work, so I'm very surprised and bit annoyed that my Runner 2 has so many problems (and I only bought it december last year).

Before you add more useless (imho) features (like importing your stepcounts from Apple Health) to the app, please make it more stable and get the basics working.


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    I did a factory reset to get the watch going again (which is annoying, because I have to put all settings correct again) and it synced for a couple of times.

    This morning after a run, guess what? It stopped syncing again.

    What is this? This really annoys me. TomTom could have a unique sportwatch with decent sport features, decent activity tracking features and a mp3 player. But none of it you can get right. Why don't you spend your time to get the basics right and have a really good product?

    I guess no one at TomTom is using their own watches and you really don't care if they work or not, it seems.

    I've been using sportwatches for over a decade, mostly Suunto. There is not one flawless device, but most companies care about their customers. That's not something I see at TomTom.
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    Hi elbo,

    Sorry about the delay in response!

    Have you reported this to the customer support? I've already sent a heads-up to the product team about the iOS Sports app getting disappeared abruptly but please check with the customer service as they will be in a better position to report and investigate the issue further.

    You can find the 'Contact us' option at the bottom of this page to Phone/Email them.

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    So far no luck with support. They suggest to remove the bluetooth connection and connect it again or do a factory reset.

    I explained to them I tried it and that will get the connection going again. For a couple of days. Then the problem starts all over again.

    This is not a permanent solution. Tomtom should look into the connectivity problems quite a lot people report here. So far I only get a reaction that sounds to me like "don't bother us with your problems".