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I have been trying to insert a soundtrack to numerous different stories, unfortunately the music I have in my I-tunes library is not available to select. I can navigate to the folder and this works fine, but the final step of selecting an actual song is not available. All the songs appear greyed-out. AM I doing something wrong? All the music I have in my library is downloaded from apple music and available on my laptop and phone, neither of which let me add any song/s to form a soundtrack. I've read previous posts about 'valid music' being available for selection. Hence I have two questions:

1) what qualifies as valid music
2) how would I go about get my iTunes library to qualify as valid music.

Please help


  • lmelelmele Posts: 22 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    Hi Thompo .
    Just check that the file your are trying to insert is not a I Tunes AAC type file cause Studio Bandit does not recognise this type of file.
    Try inserting a MP3 or WAV file. You do realise that you can only insert only one song, because the software is very limited . I have given up on Bandit Studio and i am using Sony Vegas.
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    Having same problem. Does Bandit work with Sony studio?
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