TomTom Adventurer - Heart Rate Monitor

Leon Koen
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I have a Tomtom Adventurer. Working fine so far. My concern is that the protective layer/plastic around the HRM is peeling off or it looks like it.
is it supposed to do that? will it affect the watch in the long term?


  • tfarabaugh
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    That may have been on for shipping purposes and was supposed to come off hen you got the watch. Mine has no such plastic on it. Give it a good scrubbing with a soft cloth to remove any residue and you should be fine. You don't want anything interfering with the LEDs or it will impair accuracy.

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  • elbo
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    @Leon. I see what you mean. Around the hrm of my runner 2 there is some shiny black plastic and there are some small bubbles under it. Not as worse as with yours, but now I know it I will keep an eye on it.
  • gl00
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    my watch was like this from day 1 it's actually not peeling off nor deteriorating, that's just how the resin cured when they assembled the sensor with the back of the watch. Probably a hair fell on it on the assembly line... :(