How to update Carminat TomTom without any account?

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Hello, i would like to know how to update my Carminat TomTom without needing to log in into any account.
Maybe is it possible to manual download updates from somwhere?
Thank you.


  • VikramK
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    Hi timtomtam

    Welcome to the community:)

    You will need a TomTom account and the TomTom HOME application installed on your computer to update your Carminat device. Please check this FAQ for more information.

  • timtomtam
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    Hi, thank you for the answer. I forgot to say that i already have TomTom Home software installed.
    What bother me is the needing of the account, because the FAQ you linked to me and that i already read does not mention about any account login/creation.
    Thank you again.
  • Carminat
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    No, the FAQ doesn't say login to your account. But you HAVE to login, otherwise nothing will happen. You login to your account, which you create to link to your Carminat device - that's YOUR specific Carminat, not just ANY Carminat.

    When Home runs, it will show at bottom right, your device, namely Carminat. At top right it will show your login account details.
  • timtomtam
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    Ok, so there is no way to update it with manual downloads, right?
    Thanks again, have a nice week end.
  • Troubadix12
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    Hi timtomtam,

    it is possible to update a Carminat TomTom (Navcore, GPSFix) without needing a TomTom-Account. It is complicated. You need IT-Experience. Much can go wrong. You can't update Map or use MapShare or other Services, which are fitted to an account. In my opinion it makes no sense.

    Why you want update without account?