TomTom Runner 3 Bluetooth transmitter

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TomTom Cardio/Runner 3 Bluetooth transmitter

Does any one know, if the Bluetooth transmitter in the watch is better than in the first Cardio/Runner watch?

I am asking because I bought the first Cardio watch with Mp3 and I was really disapointed with the Bluetooth connection. The connection was very bad - and I had to return the watch and the Bluetooth headset. I was very lucky that the store accepted to take the headset back.

I liked the watch and would like to know if they fixed the problem - so I can get me a new watch for running.


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    Nothing has changed in the watch itself. The issue is not with the transmitter per se. There are legal limits to how strong a signal the watch can transmit so the range is limited and it is easily blocked by your body. They have introduced new headphones which seem a bit better and you can always not get the TT headset and go for a brand that might work better with the watch. Just make sure you buy them form someplace with a good return policy.

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