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i have a watch tomtom cardio-music-spark3 and i do a lot swim and i saw the watch missing laps in the pool, for example my avg time for 100m is 2:40-3:00min and after i swim 2km it begin missing the laps, sometime it show me i did 100m 8min or even 9min
please fix it, it doing a lot wrong results after 2km in pool


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    Miscounting laps is common with most swim watches to some extent. It is using an accelerometer to try and figure out when you are reaching for the wall to turn, but you need a very strong turn to trigger it. You also need to be consistent in your stroke (freestyle works best), do not pause or slow at all mid-lap, among other things. It counts strokes in the same way it counts laps, by the accelerometer, so any variation in stroke may cause it to miss a stroke. Just like with lap counting, it is meant to give a rough estimate, it will never give you a perfect count, the technology just isn't there yet. If you search for swim accuracy or swimming laps and similar phrases on the forums you will see plenty of posts on it with a lot of suggestions to improve it (more than I can repeat here), but the key ones are:

    - Consistent style and pace per length gives the best measurement results:
    - Stick to the same stroke type per length.
    - A dramatic change in pace part way through a length may cause errors.
    - A strong push off the wall helps.
    - Please make sure your height, weight and gender is also correct.

    I hope this helped answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.