Discrepancy between GO Mobile and VIA 52 maps

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I noticed that the Mobile APP is missing information about a closed road, while instead on my VIA 52 the roadworks are properly signaled.
... Why is that? Shouldn't the App be as updated as the standalone sat nav and vice versa?

The closed road I am talking about is Via Foppa, Milano, Italy.
On the Go Mobile App:


And then how things really are, on the GO VIA 52:


Then we have the opposite scenario, the Go Mobile APP signaling a closed road that in reality is not closed:
Viale Papiniano, Milano, Italy


VIA 52 shows correct informations:


Are there any plans to update the two platforms at the same time and with the same data? I really like the Mobile APP for various reasons, but this situation making it rather less than optimal.

Thank You for your time and patience.


  • riki66
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    It's a known problem with the GO Mobile App traffic server ( More Info ).
    It also affects traffic jams (sometimes they are missing, sometimes they are misplaced).

    It should be fixed in the coming months.

    Btw nice to see a fellow Milan driver on this forum :D
  • Naxter
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    Ok, thank you. Hopefully they will fix it soon then.

    Ciao concittadino :D